Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Week Thus Far In Pictures. (mostly)

It was R's birthday and naturally he wanted to go as The Doctor. (a combination of the 10th and 11th Doctors.)

 We had the lovely pleasure of trying authentic Jelly Babies!

We also enjoyed some time outdoors. Something we hardly seem to do these days, so it was nice.
(above, my littlest smiling his absolute hardest! What a stinker face!)

 Here's R on his actual birthday. He sure is looking more and more grown up these days.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Adventures in Homebrewing

This past weekend my husband was at it again, brewing beer with fellow homebrew enthusiasts at our local homebrew meet up. This meet up took place at Draft Line Brewing. The newest local brewery here in our little town.
It's so interesting to watch the whole brewing process. A lot more goes into making a good beer than most people think. Josh is a pretty darn good homebrewer if you ask me. (he even tied for 3rd place in a local beer compition!)

Here are a few shots from the day. 

Gratitude Sunday (on Monday)

Today I'm joining Taryn over at Wooly Moss Roots for 
Gratitude Sunday.

In Taryn's words: :
G r a t i t u d e * S u n d a y
"{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.}"

(photo of my husband doing what he loves! Brewing beer at the local homebrew meet-up!)

Lately I've been thankful for: :

* A warm and cosy home in this frigid weather we've been having lately
* Easy to prepare meals while feeling under the weather
* Yummy local (hard) cider! 
* My husband's many talents including making our own homebrew!
* watching my children use their imaginations
* Night's spent watching Doctor Who (any other Whovians out there?)
* Having a little more energy to devote to my shop
* A beautiful new journal that my lovely husband gave to me for Christmas, now to just find the time to write in it!
* Above all God who keeps giving me the courage to face each day, even when I'm having a hard time presssing forward.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday, December 19, 2014

Silly Kids

 What a couple of handsom boys! (messy faces and all!)  They might drive me crazy, but they sure can take a decent picture.
If anyone out there in internet land wants to take a peek at some of my other photographs, please feel free to check them out HERE.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How I Get Free Samples

I love free stuff. I'm not going to lie. I mean...who doesn't? A few days ago I found myself wonderfing if I could get my hands on some free stuff. After finding a site that gave a list of some companies (major name brand companies mind you) that had links to get a free sample. I thought it was great! After I had hit about every link on said site, I came across someones blog post on how they get way more samples than the other sites offered. Naturally this intrigued me. "How"?! I wondered. It was simple: Just ask!
Seriously! If there is a company that you would like to try products from, just ask them! Ask them if they have any samples or even possibly any coupons they could send you. I have found many times that if a company doesn't have any free samples available, they will offer a coupon in it's place (either by mail or a coupon code). Even though I have had a lot of success with companies saying "yes" to me, there's even more that say "no", so don't get discouraged! 
I scoured over many, many forum posts on which companies give free samples and which ones do not. I have found that a lot of time the case is, one company will give one person free samples and then will not for another person. I'm not really sure why this is, but it's always worth it to ask anyway! Below is the ever growing list of companies that have said "yes" to giving me free samples.

 Cosmetic Companies

*Jane Iredale
*Kjaer Weis
*Napoleon Perdis
*Ellis Faas

Skin care Companies

*Pangea Organics
*Nature’s Gate
*Skyn Iceland
*Dr. Hauschka
*Aubrey Organics
*Radical Skin care
*Organic Fiji
*DHC Beauty
*Paula’s Choice
*Canus Goats Milk Skin Care
*Jack Black
*EO Products
*Just Hatched
*Absolutely Natural
*Love & Toast
*Hempz Products

Hair Care

*Living Proof
*Original Sprouts

Children’s Skin Care

*Rainbow Research 


*Joie Fragrance
*The Laundress
*Mrs. Meyers Clean Day
*Crabtree & Evelyn
*Stash Tea
*Archipelago Candles
*Yes Yes
*Mamacat’s Q Tea
*Natural Calm for Kids
 *Kirks Natural
*Grandpa Brands

I can say that most of these companies are VERY generous with their sample giving and I cannot wait to try out all of my new products and the new ones to come! 
Good luck and enjoy! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Autumn Happenings

The start of this new season has been lovely. I love that it actually feels like fall outside already which is a treat because summer usually likes to stick around for awhile here in central North Carolina. We've already marked a couple of things off of our Fall list. Corn maze, check! Homebrew Pumpkin ale, check! And this weekend we'll be able to check off going to the NC State Fair! (we can't wait!). I've also been doing a lot of Fall cleaning around the house which feels great, but I have to admit, my house never actually feels clean with three little boys living here. Oh well. 

Wishing everyone a lovely Autumn! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day

Labor Day was a hot one this year. Seriously. Despite the weather, I still thought it best to brave the heat and try to capture a few moments from the day.

 (Why oh why did we build a fire!?)